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What Makes Alliance National Events So Unmissable?

Let’s be honest. We know what day-to-day life can be like…

Whether you’re full-time or part-time with The Alliance, you probably have so many hats you have to wear in your life, you’re always on the go and there’s always about 20 different areas that are crying for your attention.  Even when you have time to study our system, finding time to implement it and seeing it through to fruition rarely comes your way.

So how do you find time to learn and put these best practices into action?

So many of our top agents have been super-successful at taking our system and injecting their own personality into it. But most of them also have one more thing in common…

They Faithfully Attend National Events
like Family Reunion.

Family Reunion can be the jump-start you need to REALLY learn The Alliance mindset and tactics that you have been hearing about, with zero distractions and full-on focus.

You’ll leave qualified and prepared with the right thoughts and the right moves that can make the following three months your most productive yet.

If you want to…

  • Shortcut your success in The Alliance, finally living the lifestyle you’ve been craving
  • Concentrate on the activities that are necessary for your success for 4 straight days, removing your other day-to-day distractions
  • Implement strategies that are really working in the lives of our top agents, giving them a huge advantage in reaching their goals
  • Stop spending precious time on activities that aren’t giving you the results you want
  • Focus on the DOING rather than theory. The Family Reunions are all about action!
  • Meet and talk directly with our best agents and managers, asking questions and listening for their secrets

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Our Expert Leaders Are Committed to Your Success

If YOU Don’t Win, WE Don’t Win!!


Andy & Jane Albright

Andy Albright is the keynote speaker for Family Reunion at The Alliance headquarters in July. He co-founded The Alliance in 2002 and built it into the country’s largest insurance marketing organization as the top seller with several multi-billion dollar companies like Foresters, Mutual of Omaha, and Transamerica. Andy is the author of three books and delivers motivational speeches for group and organizations like Keller Williams. He mentors students at North Carolina State University and is the namesake of the Albright Entrepreneurs Village. Andy and his wife, Jane live in Union Ridge, N.C. with their five dogs. They are the proud parents of Haleigh (22) and Spencer (19).


Diane Lampe

Diane Lampe lives in the Dallas, Texas Metroplex, and has been with The Alliance for more than a decade, joining in January of 2006. Only six months after joining, Lampe’s agency reached the Top 10 on the company’s leaderboards in both production and recruiting. Lampe was attracted to The Alliance because of the opportunity to provide service to the community and the income potential.  Less than a year after joining The Alliance, Lampe earned $388,000. That number rose to $1.2 million the following year.

“If you are not afraid of work and you are willing to following the great system in place, you can become successful with The Alliance,” Diane says. “I’m just an ordinary person that had a dream and was not willing to let it die. Anyone can do this. Make the decision to jump in.”

Stephen & Hollie Davies

Stephen Davies is arguably the funniest man with The Alliance. When he takes the stage, you can bet people are going to laugh and that will be no different at Family Reunion.

His rise as one of The Alliance’s top agents started when he was only 18 years old. Stephen began his career as an insurance agent, but spent two frustrating years with “another” insurance company. Davies answered a newspaper advertisement posted by Andy Albright and drove to Burlington, N.C. to meet him.  With Albright’s help and mentorship, Davies became the youngest million-dollar-income earner at The Alliance. His business has continued to grow and develop since 2002. Davies and his wife Hollie reside in Candler, N.C. with the couple’s two children.


Paul & Tamara Roberts

In his early days, Paul Roberts was successful by most people’s standards with The Alliance. He had a wife and two daughters, a nice home in Texas and a couple of dogs. While that might sound like the American dream, Paul was fighting personal demons that were destroying him inside. After reaching his breaking point, Paul finally asked God to help him “stop drinking.”

Since that day, after much prayer and guidance from Alliance leaders, Paul has remained sober and has seen his business explode over the last few years and has built one of the strongest teams in The Alliance. Paul is proof positive of what can happen when you reach out to your Alliance family for guidance.

PLUS, You’ll Hear from Other Key Leaders and Agency Managers Who Are Maximizing The Alliance System

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Want To Hear From
Some Of Our Past Attendees?

I met and talked with many people and people knew me. It was totally awesome! I see the power of helping, working smarter and helping others. Thank you Andy Albright for giving me this golden opportunity! I’m in.
The first person I talked to as soon as I got to conference, I learned something. That’s what the entire weekend consisted of. After a break out session with Junior Corria, I went to buy Hung by The Tongue. Junior inscribed it with ‘I believe in you. You matter.’ Lots of seeds planted this weekend.

I brought my husband to the event for the first time; he is not in the insurance business. He is a blue collar get-your-hands-dirty city worker but supports me completely in the Alliance. While Eric Bellaire was talking, my husband was on the edge of his seat. When he left the stage my husband says, wow, I’m not even in the insurance industry and I was hanging on his every word!
Diane Lampe showed me that it’s possible to help care for my mom & run business too. Angie Owens taught me to always be grateful that I CAN read and comprehend most of it the FIRST TIME. Minerve Prophil taught me that if the agents with heavy accents can be TOP Producers then I should be right there with them because I have very little accent.

If you want to experience the same success as these folks and are serious about finally making this year count, you simply can’t miss this event. You can’t afford not be here.


Where to land

Raleigh-Durham International Airport (RDU)
Piedmont Triad International Airport (GSO)

Where to stay


Best Western Plus

770 Huffman Mill Rd.
Burlington, NC 27215


Drury Inn & Suites

1767 Glidewell Drive
Burlington, NC 27215



Hampton Inn & Suites

2935 Saconn Dr.
Burlington, NC 27215



Ramada Burlington Hotel

2703 Ramada Rd.
Burlington, NC 27215



Courtyard Marriott

3141 Wilson Drive
Burlington, NC 27215
Phone: 336-585-1888


What to wear

Thursday: Sharp Casual

Friday & Saturday: Business Casual (Men, Jacket Preferred)

Sunday: Sharp Casual

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The registration rate for this event is as little as $99/person, which is a TINY investment, considering what you can gain…

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It all boils down to the core principle of “showing up like no one else shows up!”

Guaranteed — you’ll never look at your Alliance business the same way again!

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