family reunion recap


The 2017 Alliance Family Reunion has officially wrapped, and what an event it was! The inaugural event for the brand new Prosperity Hall of the Alliance Convention Center was a tremendous success, and the entire National Agents Alliance team is very proud to have been a part of it.

Not only did we get to see all of our extended family from The Alliance, but we had some big name guests in attendance too - Including NC State Wolfpack legend Dereck Whittenburg, from the 1983 NCAA Men's Basketball Champions, and North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper!

We had training on products, leadership, and personal growth from some of the top leaders of The Alliance. We told our stories, made commitments to future excellence, and checked out a couple of high performance automobiles, all while learning about each other and how to perform as a team in order to keep The Great American Dream Machine cruising along a full steam! Together with Foresters, we also made a difference and upheld our commitment to community by taking part in the annual packathon.

With Prosperity Hall, Inspiration Hall, and the Eternity Annex, the Alliance Convention Center is going to provide our team with an unparalleled meeting space for the foreseeable future! Be sure to join the rest of the National Agents Alliance team for the very next event: Sign up at or today!